Lets not be Poi snobs

Recently I have been coming aware of a bit of a clash between poi spinners tech or flow but why do we feel we need to put ourselves in boxes everyone is different, so everyone will spin differently. I like to do a lot of poi throws but that doesn’t mean I won’t try to learn a move because it is not seen as the style of poi spinner I am. A lot of the time I enjoy standing still, switching off and spinning I’ve heard this called the “tree stance” and I know some spinners will turn their noses up at not moving around but when I am spinning in the “tree stance” I’m spinning for myself as a form of meditation now I know if I was performing I couldn’t stand in one place for the whole routine without boring some people how ever I’m sure even this could be pulled off if it was done right. Why turn your nose up at what other poi spinners are doing as long as they are enjoying themselves then who cares.

I guess the point I’m trying to make here is the beauty of poi is it is interpreted in so many different ways so why spinners feel they need to say if they are a flow or tech spinner seems to me as a move in the wrong direction. I have seen people make the basic move look beautiful and different, there are people who want to perform, there are people who just want to spin for themselves, and there are people who want to come up with the most complex patterns possible. Whether you are someone who has been spinning poi for a week or 30 years you are a poi spinner let’s just leave it at that. We all have our own character and style because we are all different.