Bangkok Juggling Club

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So on Saturday (March 19th 2011) I went to the Bangkok Juggling Club it was a lots of fun and I fully recommend it if you are ever in Bangkok. We got to the park a little early around 2 ish and there was only one other person there however by 4.30 ish there was a really good turnout of jugglers, poi spinners, hoopers and there was even someone with buugeng. I’m told that people go to the park most days unless it’s raining but the weekends are more popular. The location of the park is Santichai Prakarn Park near the Khaosan road see the map below.

I really enjoyed the experience of playing with people with the language barrier it was really interesting although hard at times trying to teach how to hyperloop through sign language and demonstration certainly wasn’t the easiest thing.

Interestingly my play Sil-X implosion juggling balls seemed to go down like a storm with all the Thai jugglers they were being passed around like hot potatoes.  And another amusing thing was that there were little kids running around picking up props and generally having a great time so you really had to make sure you kept an eye on all your props especially once it got dark.


4 thoughts on “Bangkok Juggling Club

  1. if i want to play as well … but i know nothing what should i do … i’m thai and too shy to ask to join the group 🙂

  2. Unfortunately I’m not in Bangkok any more I’m back in england otherwise I would offer to meet up with you before. My best advice is just get the courage to go and ask for help

  3. Everyone is very friendly so please dont feel shy to come and ask us.

    If you are looking for private lessons you can contact circus magic an international circus school with an office in bangkok 😉

  4. Hi I’m in Bangkok for a week and my dad lives here, last time i was in Thailand i saw this fire staff that i had never seen before it had wicks that went almost all the way down to the middle, I’ve been desperately trying to find one to take back to England but can not see one anywhere.

    Is there a place i can buy a fire staff especially this one? i also would like to find a wooden one like i used to be able to get in England but they don’t sell them anymore 😦

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