Making your own Contact Poi

So I seem to be getting asked quite a bit recently what is the best way to make contact Poi. Which is strange to me because I use sockpoi way more than contact poi never the less I think that the below video is the best way to make DIY contact poi personally I don’t like cutting open the bottom of the stage ball.

Click here to buy 100mm stage balls (my recommended size)

Click here to buy silicone handles with swivels (my recommended contact poi handle)

the video is made by Nulleamai who is an amazing poi spinner


3 thoughts on “Making your own Contact Poi

  1. I would like this method, but if you look at 5:07 you can see where the hole has torn open slightly from having the knot and washer pushed through. The best method I’ve found so far is to drill 1/8″ holes opposite where you put in the cord, spacing these holes about as far apart as the knot you plan to put in, and then slit between them. Gives the slit a bit more durability. Though what I would prefer to find is a good way of repairing the balls, but nothing I’ve found (including the substances mentioned recently in the Poi Hardware FB group) seem to be that good…

  2. thanks for your comment I have found that that has happened to however if you are really careful you can avoid this from happening. I too haven’t found a glue to repair the splits

    cheers Joff

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