Beginner Poi Throws Workshop Classnotes

Beginner throws

I believe that poi throws are enjoyable tricks which are accessible to someone with any skill level from having never picked up a set of poi to the most competent poi spinner. So one of the first things about throws is that you need a counterweight handle. I personally use quite a heavy weighted handle 1:2 ratio 50 grams handle to 100 grams head how ever other spinners uses lighter weight handles and this will depend on the style of throws you want to do. If you want more info on poi handles check on my blog post on this:

So In the beginners workshop 2 main types of throws were covered they were direction changing throws which are sometimes also called isolation throws and inspin throws.

Direction changing throws

Start by penduluming one poi at the horizontal line on the off side of your body allow the poi to go in to the other hand and then pendulum back to the other side of your body on the same line on the other side of your body let the poi swap hands again. This exercises is a warm up to get the feeling of letting go of the poi.

Once you start feeling comfortable with the above exercise lets move on to performing a direction change throw. At the same point of the horizontal line on the off side of your body let go of the poi handle and allow the poi to do a rotation and try to catch the poi with your other hand make sure your hand is palm up. To start with concentrate on catching the poi but once you feel a bit more comfortable with the move try to bring the poi down in the pendulum motion and perform the same move on the other side of your body. Once you can keep this motion going the next step is to try and do the same move but catch the poi in the same hand as the hand that released the poi. this might be a bit tricky on the onside of your body to start with but it is the same principle as the move on the off side of your body. Once you can perform this then you are awesome because you have learnt the full move.

There is also a variation to this move which was mentioned but not taught in this class which I call flick throws where the handle goes over the top rather than underneath if you want to learn this move then check out my video tutorial on it

Inspin throws

The are 2 types of inspin throws reverse (or underarm) inspin throws and forward (or over arm) inspin throws the easier one of the two is the reverse inspin throw.

If we start with the reverse inspin throw, a direction change throw is based on the movement of a pendulum whereas an inspin throw is based on the movement of the poi spinning in a circle. Start by spinning the poi in reverse wall plane with your hand at 9 oclock just out side the circle the poi is making. When the poi gets to the point where your hand is that is the point you release the poi you want the poi to go straight up this why you release at 9 oclock because if you release at any other poi it will go off in the wrong direction. You want the poi to go straight up so concentrate on that for now and don’t about catching. The next step is hold the head of the poi in you other and spin it in the direction that it would be going if you hand thrown the poi so forward wall plain have the hand which would be doing the throw/catch  palm down with fingers and thumbs up at about 2 oclock let the poi land in your hand. After doing this a couple of times try to push the head back in a spin in the same direction. This is to get the feeling of the point of the catch and the moment afterwards. The next step is to try to put the 2 parts together release the poi at the 9 oclock allowing the poi to rotate until the handle gets to the 2 oclock and initiate the catch allowing the poi to continue in the spin 🙂 once you can do this you have basis of the move (well done).

If you wants some  homework try to hold out the arm which isn’t doing the throw and try to do the throw around the arm and for some mega bonus points try to get to a point where you can throw catch throw catch throw catch 🙂

These drills for the reverse inspin throws can be replicated to learn forward inspin throws however it’s slight more complicated and there are some differences for them to work.
You need to spin in forward wall plane holding you arm horizontally and use your elbow as a reference point to initiate the throw remember to try to get the poi going straight up. For the catch drill you need to cross your arms with the hand that is catching the poi on top and the poi of the spin you catch in is 8 oclock. other wise the drills are the same.

To recap the main difference between the two moves is the pendulum v spinning in a circle motion and the position of your hand, palm up for the direction change throws and palm down/fingers up for inspin throws.

Linking Throws/Creating Throw Patterns

The beauty of throws is that a lot of the more simpler poi patterns or moves can be translated into throwing patterns. The most simple poi pattern which can be translated into a throwing pattern is the reverse thread the needle as it only needs 2 throws linked together and they are both the same throw the underarm inspin throw. A harder poi pattern which can be translated is the weave as this has 6 throws linked together and it contains two different throws over the arm and under the arm inspin throws.

In creating throw patterns you can also borrow from juggling the best of example of this is the shower


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