7th Nürtingen Juggling Convention “Pass like an Egyptian”

So I have been meaning to blog about the conventions that I go to and I have been really bad at doing so. Nürtingen Juggling Convention near stuttgart was my first performance outside of the uk so it was quite a big deal. My performance went well but I’ll get to that in a bit.

I arrive at the convention before most people because of getting a cheaper flight. So I set about helping setting up and then spent the evening drinking beer ( German beer is so good) and spinning poi. I got to bed around 2 ish in a sleeping hall which we don’t have in the UK. I got up to find breakfast was included which is a major win again we don’t have that in UK.

My workshop was poorly attended 3 people but as there was probably only one other poi spinner at the convention then I guess at least most of the poi spinners turned up.

I performed “my road to NO where” routine and Im really please it went well. When the music came in it wasnt my track I really panicked but I decided I had to stay in character and I hadn’t heard the music yet so it must be someone up next and I just padded a little bit until the persons music it was, which turned out to be Liam, fixed it.

All in all it was a good convention it was a shame that there wasnt a few more people there

Pictures from my routine

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