My flow story


My Flow story

I have always been a doodler, mainly what i call 3D doodling I used to find hours of entertainment just playing with objects and their relationships with each other. My friends joked with my once because they found me with a drum stick in one hand and a tennis racket in the other “What you doing they asked?” to be honest I had no idea, but looking back I had been in the state of flow.

I was 12 when I learnt to  juggle the 3 ball cascade, but I never really pursued it further than that. At the age of 15 I started going to festivals and of the course I saw amazing people doing amazing things with objects. I know for some people they saw some one spinning or juggling and thought straight away I need to do that! With me it was an idea which grew slowly.  I saw people spinning staffs and Juggling, but it wasn’t until I saw poi that I was really interested.

I remember making my first set of poi at the age of 17; they were terrible the weight was not good, and they had many other issues. I then made a set from tennis balls and rope which I used for about a year; until I saw someone spinning with socks with tennis balls which had water injected in them.  This model became my poi, 12 years later I still spin a developed version of those poi.

My learning process started very slow I learnt to spin the 3 beat weave from a written blog on Homeofpoi. 2 years into spinning poi my ability was good but not great and still at the beginner stage (I love the fact these days beginners get to the stage I was at after 2 years in 2 weeks) . Around 2 and half years in I started meeting other spinners and my skill level started to increase, 6 years ago (about half way into my time as a poi spinner)  I realised there was this new website called youtube and that people were putting poi videos online. I started putting video up too and I haven’t looked back. Since then my involvement in the community has grown and grown. Finally 3 years ago I started performing which is my favorite development in this journey of flow !

Keep Flowing in what ever medium whether it’s object manipulation, music, drawing, painting or what ever you choose to flow though.


below are videos I have put up through the years

the first is from 2007

the second is a couple of month later in 2007 also

next up is about a year later in may 2008

we then jump to 2 years later in 2010

next up is a video called thinking in circles which i still really like

then we have my 2011 Christmas video

Finally here is a video of one of my routines called a road to nowhere


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