What are all the different types of poi

Contact Poi

Contact poi are poi with stage balls as the main weight with counterweight handles. You can either buy a set Thinking in circles recommends the firetoys set click here to view the product or You can read my review on the them here. The other option is to make them yourself i have rewritten a post on this which you can read here.

Cone Poi

Cone Poi are made from fabric and have been sown in such away that they thin more rapidly after about half way. They also usally have a single finger loop sown into the top. Thinking in circles recommends these as an excellent starter poi. Homeofpoi sell a fantastic set of these poi click here to view them

Flag poi

Flag poi are very visual day time poi with a big section of material that trails behind the leash of the poi. Erik’s poi toys make excellent flag poi which are called angel wings.

Fluffy Poi

Fluffy poi are poi which have a fluffy outer head as the main weight and then chain or string as a leach, these are fantastic for beginners as they are really forgiving. Homeofpoi sell a fantastic set of these poi click here to view them

Fire Poi

Fire poi are pretty much self explanatory they are poi which have heads which are made of kevlar and are soaked in a fuel and set on fire. Click here to read my post on the best fire poi set up

Glow Poi

Again very self explanatory they are poi that use led’s to glow up at night. Thinking in circles recommends Pod Poi made by flowtoys

Tail Poi

Similar to flag poi tail poi are very nice visual day time poi. They have a down side in that they can get easily tangle together so they are not good for learning new moves. Erik’s poi toys make they best tail poi.

Tube Poi

Tube poi are made from fabric and are similar to cone poi but is made from one piece of triangle shaped material. Tube poi are what joff spins with and are thinking in circles poi recommendation. Erik’s poi toys tube poi are the best !

Sock Poi

Sockpoi are basically homemade poi made from knee high socks with a weight put in them. These are by far the cheapest poi. For a weight we recommend putting rice, sand or water into a balloon tying it off and then putting it in the toe of the socks.


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