What is poiggling?

Poiggling is the awesome art of spinning poi and juggling balls at the same time. Not to be confused with poi juggling which is juggling poi (usually 3 poi).

The first poiggling pattern you want to try to get is spit/opps poi v’s 3 ball cascade and can be master after a couple of weeks of practice. The holy grail of poiggling which I have yet to see or master is the 3 beat weave v’s 3 ball mills mess (theoretically it can be done). I hope I will get it one day.

So I’m going to list some videos here you can see this awesome art. The first video is a routine by DevKev from London who runs Spinning@. This routine is one of my favorite ever routines and is has lots of poiggling and it’s closely related cousin phat which is poi and hat.

Next up we have DevKev showing off a few poiggling tricks at the regular Spinning@ Tuesday meet up in London

Below is a tutorial I made on Poiggling

This one is a quick video of me fire poiggling

And me glow poiggling

I hope you have more of an understanding of poiggling now; I recommend giving it a try it is a lot of fun.


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