My poi: Contact socks.

Recently I have been uploading a decent amount of video content to Instagram and YouTube . I have been getting a lot of comments about my poi so I thought I would write a blog post about them.

Here is my latest video if you want to see them in action.

I really like using socks poi over the more popular contact poi. I have been using Erikspoitoys tube poi for just over 5 years now. I have experimented with lots of different lengths and weights in both heads and handles and I feel like now; I have a set up which works perfectly for me.

I recently retired a pair of poi which I used as my only set for 2 years. It was actually quite a sad moment as they have been through a lot. I moved to Thailand about 2 and half years ago and this pair was the only pair I took with me (practice poi any way I also brought a set of flow toys with me). The most interesting moment with these poi was when the Orange one was stolen by a monkey and I had to chase the monkey into the jungle to get it back.


As you can see by the picture they are pretty beat up but still very much intact. The biggest problem with sock poi are the wear around the area which you hold; on this pair there is no wear at all in this area and trust me when I say these poi have been spun for hours .

Let’s start talking about the set up, when the poi arrive they look like this:


I then add handles to the socks; I like using the silicone handles as they are heavier than others. For more info on handle options check out my blog post on poi handles.

The method I use to attach the handles is a bit of a process but seems to work the best. You have to turn the poi inside out then thread washers on to the poi. I use 6 washers to add a bit more weight. You have to place the washers at the point on the tether you would like the handle to be. For the length I measured the point from between my thumb and index finger, palm facing away, to half a centimeter from my nose.

Once the washers are on turn the poi the right way round again and pull the handle on to the washers from the head end. I found that with Erikspoitoys poi you need to remove the draw string to get the handle on to the poi.



An added benefit of attaching the handles in this way is an extra thickness on the tether around the handle area giving them more longevity. The final step is changing up the main weight or the head of the poi. I use 67mm sil-x juggling balls made by play juggling I have tried many different main weights over the years. I absolutely love the sil-x juggling balls because the liquid silicone inside them enable contact rolls to work a lot cleaner as well as helping with fishtails too.

I hope you found this usefully and please message me if you have any questions.



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