Community Links

Below is a bunch of different links and resources for the global object manipulation community I hope you find something of interest.


Playpoi: Playpoi is Nick Woolsey’s incredible poi resource and is the best place for beginners to start learning click here for the playpoi beginner series

The drexfactor: this is drex’s website and is the best resource for technical poi spinning and general extreme geek poi patterns

Home of Poi: The one stop shop for of things poi with a huge amount of tutorials, forums and equipment. 

Erik’s poi toys: Thinking in circles favorite poi shop

Poi’s sub reddit : a good place for all things poi

The poi community on Google + : a growing online poi community


ministry of manipulation: The Ministry is a foundation for new circus development. Through web media, performance, teaching and research we are helping to create a new generation of artists a forum for contact juggling and contact jugglers

IJA: the International Jugglers association


Contact : A site run by Chazz it’s a great place for contact staff inspiration.

Firestaff Tutorials : Mcp’s contact staff tutorials


the hoophub: A bunch of Uk hoopers blogging about hoopyness

Revolva: An US hooper that has a some excellent words of wisdom on her blog

Hooping Mad: Emma’s awesome hooping company with lots of fanastic online learing content and Bristol based weekly classes

The UK and South East Asia :

Joff is from the UK and lives in Bangkok so here our some local links

Spinning@ : London based spinning community

Bristol’s Hoop Jam : A hoop Jam in Bristol all props are welcome

Play festival: a UK based circus festival and Thinking in Circles Favorite festival

Bangkok Juggling and Spinning Club: The Bangkok juggling and spinning community

Pai Circus School : this is an awesome place to stay and practice with circus people


Performer without boarders : An awesome charity that sends performers to teach performing arts to vulnerable children in countries of high child poverty in various parts of the world.

Spark circusAn awesome charity that sends performers, once a year, to teach Burmese refugee children located on the Thai-Burmese border.

Fund the Flow Arts: Fund the Flow Arts is a US-based nonprofit organization established in 2011 to present and promote the Flow Arts globally.

Juggling equipment online shops

Firetoys: an awesome UK based juggling shop  and the best place to get equipment in the UK

oddballs: a UK based juggling shop

mops: Master Ongs Prop Shop the best place for juggling equipment in the US

dube: a US based juggling shop

Home of Poi: The one stop shop for of things poi with a huge amount of tutorials, forums and equipment.

Erik’s poi toys: Thinking in circles favorite poi shop

Facebook Groups

Tech poi : a group for technical poi discussion

Poi chat : all other poi related stuff

Contact poi : a group for contact poi people

Club Tech : a group for club spinning

Contact Staff : a group for those that enjoy having a stick touching them

Devil Sticks/Flower Sticks : a group for people who love devil sticks

Double Staff : a group for people that play with 2 sticks

Dragon Staff : a group for the awesomeness that is dragon staff

Hoop Tech: a play for you if you love to get your hoop on

Juggling: This group is called juggling rocks and well yes it does

Mini Hoops Tech:  : a group for them smaller hoops

Nunchaku Tech: Bruce Lee would be in this group if was still around

Rope Dart Tech: a place you if you enjoy kicking a really really long poi 😉

S-Staff/Buugeng: : a group for awesome visual crazy S-shaped staffs


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