Workshops Joff offers.

Joff has a lot of experience in the field of teaching circus arts from teaching children at schools in the UK to teaching all levels and ages at festivals and juggling conventions.  Joff believes where ever possible to pitch a workshop at all levels where someone with lots of skill in the prop can learn as much as someone who has never touched that prop. See below for a list of workshops Joff offers.


Beginner poi throws – (all levels) – see the classnotes for this class here.

minimal throws – (all levels) – a whole variety of throws with subtle releases where the poi doesn’t go far from the hand.

flowing with throws – ( intermediate/ advanced ) – learning to connect multiple combinations of throws together.

Silly poi tricks (poi manipulations) – (all levels) – In this workshop we learn how to make poi practice as fun as possible. Tricks that will be looked at will include wibbles, propellers and a whole other range of fun tricks.

Contact poi staff style – (all levels) – a look at contact moves influenced from contact staff, moving away from the contact roll, instead moves which use more of the leach or tether.

The fishtail – (all levels) – Poi fishtails are a fun but challenging move Joff introduces a range of drills and techniques that he believes makes flowing with fishtails an achievable goal.


Complete beginner contact juggling – (beginner) – This workshop starts off with some finger exercises and then moves on to some introductory contact juggling moves.

Beginner Isolations – (beginner) – This workshop forces on new isolation tricks such as the enigma.

Enigma variations flowing with isolations – ( intermediate ) – This workshop is for those that want to move past the basic enigma and learn ways to dance with the ball.

Fun 2 ball tricks – (all levels) – a whole bunch of throwing patterns with just 2 balls.

I can juggle the cascade what next – (just past beginner) – a bunch of 3 ball tricks such as columns, under the arm throws and a whole lot more.


hoop isolations – (all levels) – this workshop examines a whole range of techniques to create hoop illusions.

Twin hoop poi style hooping – (all levels) – want to start hooping like a poi spinner then this workshop is for you, we will look at some core movements to start to enable you to spin 2 hoops poi style!


Me teaching a workshop at Play festival in the UK

Me teaching a workshop at Play festival in the UK


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